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  • Will my sweet new decal stick to my cooler?
    As much as we would love for you to be able to stick your GET OUTSIDE stickers on, a few stubbon materials still refuse to form a bond with them. The decals adhere the best to glass & metal surfaces. We have tried a few on the plastic sides of coolers, and it just didn't take. So, until the universe corrects this behavior, please find another conspicuous place for it.
  • Paying for shipping is lame. Why is it so much?
    Paying for shipping IS lame. But being able to receive your rad new gear isn't, so we gotta pay our dues. The shipping costs are not inflated whatsoever. The size & weight of the tumblers & water bottles are what they are. If you were to ship yours somewhere (but WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT), your cost would be the same. So please know we share your pain, but the alternative is much worse.
  • You don't have my specific hobby integrated into a design yet. WHEN WILL YOU?
    We truly want everyone to have the opportunity to rock their personal passion for enjoying the Idaho outdoors! We welcome your ideas & suggestions at our Suggestion Box! Submit your thoughts any time you like, but please know - great design comes over time. If a new concept comes together, you bet your sweet Idaho potatoes it'll show up here.
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